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Celebrating the critical work of customer service agents globally

AXA raising profile of customer service agents globally

AXA Partners has a simple mission – to help people protect what matters, when it matters. They provide insurance services, including emergency assistance, on behalf of huge and well-known organisations the world over – and their customer service agents are at the frontline.

In a tough market, they wanted to show their people how valued they are – and show the world how important the work they do is. This is no ordinary customer service role, and they needed to get that message out there, to help then recruit and retain more great people.

AXA photography pull up banner mock up

The challenge

Post-Covid, the demand for customer service talent globally was higher than ever. We also faced high attrition rates and market movements.

To add to this, AXA Partners were in the middle of making substantial strategic business changes.

We knew that we were competing against every global company with a CS function…so we needed to raise the profile of the role of an agent to show candidates why they should choose AXA Partners.

Our approach 

We started with work which would galvanise existing employees around the brand and make them true advocates of the business.

Working with global and local teams, we co-created and managed a global campaign to gather content from agents across the world.

We created 5 emotive, stylish and informative animations that explained the role for what it was: more than your usual call centre job.

AXA raising profile of customer service agents globally - digital screen mock up
AXA raising the profile of customer service agents globally - poster mock up

Working with internal and external comms and brand teams, we organised 4 photoshoots in different countries to gather authentic, fresh photography.

We created social tiles, blogs, teams backgrounds, profile pictures and banners for each agent – so they could become brand ambassadors and share with their teammates and networks on LinkedIn and other social media.

We developed a 3 month content calendar (in English, Spanish and French) so that local teams could post organic content from their platforms, also focusing mainly on LinkedIn. And all content was created in three languages: French, Spanish and English.

And we created a global referral scheme, where we used the agent illustrations to create a suite of assets that would help to promote the programmes internally. The assets were designed so that it would be possible for ALL local regions to follow the same template, encouraging AXA Partners employees to invite great people to join the business from anywhere across the world. The toolkit included:

– Digital screens

Teams backgrounds

– Pull up banners

– Posters

– Emails

– Social media tiles

AXA raising the profile of customer service agents globally - laptop mock up

Finally, we launched a paid media campaign to drive brand awareness and recruitment of more agents across the UK, France and Columbia, using local language content. We deployed advertising in multiple formats across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google.

The results

The organic, corporate activity on LinkedIn was a huge success, with Mario’s video being the more viewed and commented on post for the company over 2022.

You can see all of the agent films in situ on AXA Partners LinkedIn page (and the great engagement they had) here:
Nicola, Mario, Leticia, Delphine, Shrusti


The paid media campaign launched with pride in the summer of 2022 and ran for 6 months. In that time, we saw the following results:


– 83,415 link clicks – at very low CPC of £0.06 and a CTR of almost 4%

22 comments, 324 reactions, 39 saves, 26 shares


– 22,148 clicks at a low CPC of £0.18 and a high CTR of 14.61%


– 161,672 views at a cost per view of £1.01 – 19.45% of these have been full video views!

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