What we do

We help clients build connected, effective, relevant organisations. Where your purpose, principles and spirit are communicated with clarity and consistency.

How do we do this?

In ways, and through the channels, that are right for your organisation and your people.

It could be anything from the look and feel for a change initiative, a three-year strategic brand development plan or a sustainable attraction campaign, telling your people’s stories, and building your brand from the inside, out.

But it will always be thought-through, fit-for-purpose and beautifully realised.

(And it’ll be fun too. Promise.)

In a world where your culture is your brand and your brand is your culture, it’s time to rethink what and how we communicate.

Our services

We’ll work with you to connect all forms of brand and marketing communications: from the inside, out.


Content creation

Channel planning

Planning, activation and management of both internal and external comms campaigns


Definition and articulation

Embedding purpose and values

Helping create culture-changing employee experiences


Definition of purpose, principles and proposition

Visual identity creation

Development and delivery of brand engagement plans and campaigns for employees


Simple mobile enabled solution to suit all types of businesses

Real-time sentiment analysis

Clear and simple dashboards

Meet the team

Adam Lane

I’ve been working in marketing and communications for over ten years. It all started because of a hole in one…isn’t it strange how these things come about? Since then I’ve worked with various clients across a variety of sectors. Helping the BBC to launch one of their very first apprenticeship schemes was a real highlight for me and more recently, I’ve loved working with AXA to reposition them as an employer in the UK. Working with passionate people on interesting and challenging briefs is what drives me. That and a good cup of coffee. I’ll get them in if you’d like to join me.

     07903 586258

Sandy Vossos

Having worked in brand, marketing and communications agencies in Bristol and London for over 25 years (I don’t look that old, you say? Why, thank you)…I’ve been lucky enough to get close to some great brands and forward-thinking organisations. Ones who are on transformational journeys, like AXA (globally) and the National Trust (a little closer to home). Right now, I’m excited by what the future holds. The world of work is changing dramatically, and I’m really looking forward to being part of it.

I’m quite friendly too. Feel free to get in touch for a chat, anytime.

     07920 203040

Andy Bamford

I hate writing bios. I started an employer marketing agency in Bristol, many years ago, with the help of a few friends. Over the years we got a bit better at what we did until we woke up one morning and we were the largest independently owned agency in our sector. We sold that business in 2015, and I stayed on as Chief Executive for 3 years – before leaving to put my feet up. That didn’t last long, as I was getting a bit bored and I was really excited by the prospect of working with Sandy and Adam again.

I’ve got quite a few grey hairs, lots of stories and a view on where our market’s going, which I’d be more than happy to share over lunch, dinner or a cup of coffee. Whatever takes your fancy.

     07770 756528

Our stories

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If you’d like a chat, you can call us on +44 (0) 117 251 0054. Alternatively, you can email the team via hello@brandpointzero.com or by filling in the form below.