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Delivering a personalised website experience for LV= GI

At the start of 2021, we set out to with the objective of building a best-in-class careers website. One that’s accessible, engaging and provides insight into working life at LV= GI. A site that feels warm, personal, and engaging… And above all, a careers website which delivers a great candidate experience, converting potential candidates into applicants as quickly as possible.

You only get one chance to make a great first impression, which is why the LV= GI Careers website has been designed to have a real, lasting impact on the job seeker.

Our approach

Knowing that 85% of careers website visitors go straight to the ‘job search’ page from the homepage, we incorporated a job search on the homepage. More than that, using minimal information, we were able to take them through one of 126 personalised candidate journeys, delivering tailored content relevant to each visitor.


From the moment a user lands on the careers website that they get the feeling that LV= GI is a warm, engaging and inclusive employer, using employee-generated imagery to help users ‘picture’ themselves working in the business.


Knowing that LV= GI people are their biggest advocates, their stories feature on every page, blog, job profile and video, offering a genuine insight into LV= GI culture. The site also integrates seamlessly with the LV= GI social media platforms to bring the company’s day-to-day activities to life in real time.

With a large percentage of users mobile natives we wanted to create an experience that worked seamlessly throughout the user journey. Working closely with their ATS partners (iGrasp, HARBOUR and SalesForce) the site makes applying for jobs on a smartphone easy. And for those who prefer a desktop, they can bookmark the vacancy that interest them and apply later via a desktop.




Although we only launched the site recently we’re instantly seeing positive data. To assess the success of the new site, we have compared the performance of the website in 2021 against the previous website in 2020. The results speak for themselves…

157% increase in visits (per month): 2020: 3,644 – 2021: 9,369

173% increase in visitors (per month): 2020: 2,133 – 2021: 5,820

57% increase in time spent on site: 2020: 144 secs – 2021: 226 secs

150% increase in number of pages viewed per session: 2020: 3.16 – 2021: 7.91

2% increase in views on mobile: 2020: 62% – 2021: 63%


Improved conversion rates

The conversion rates of the careers website are pretty impressive too.

26% of all visits result in a job search.

30% of all visits result in at least one job being viewed.

31% of all visits result in an application being started.

9% of all visits result in an application being completed.

29% of all applications started were completed.

Got a project? Let’s talk

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