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Delivering a best-in-class careers website for LV= GI

We’d already worked with LV= GI to articulate their employer brand. Our next task was to bring this to life with a new careers website.

Nominated for both a RAD and FIRM award, we delivered a site that makes a real, lasting impact on the job seeker with 126 personalised user journeys. And most importantly a site that delivered tangible results for LV= GI.

The challenge

LV= people are their biggest advocates, but the previous website didn’t reflect this. It felt a little dated. The user journey was clunky, which was leading to a drop-off in applications.

We knew that to compete for talent in a challenging candidate market, we needed to create a website that showcased their employer brand. A site that was able to provide a window into working life at LV= GI, so potential applicants could picture themselves working there.

The project objectives were clear. We wanted to create a careers website that:

Our approach

We needed to engage a wide audience of job seekers – from customer service people to senior executives; facility managers to technologists. A site where all content is available within a single click. One that uses social media and film as a way of articulating their culture and is distinctly – and unmistakably – LV= GI.

Creating a personalised experience

We know that using personalisation to enhance candidate experience isn’t new. But the way we used it to create 126 individual candidate journeys most certainly was.

We brought together multiple factors – name, department and location – to create a personalised homepage for each job seeker, delivering only the most relevant content. And little touches, like making sure the candidate’s name follows them throughout the site, made it feel that little bit more special. A little more LV= GI.

Putting people at its heart

LV= GI people feature on every page, blog or job and in every piece of video.

They help deliver key content and offer a real insight into their culture. And supporting this, the site integrates seamlessly with the LV= GI social media platforms which help showcase the day-to-day activities of LV= in real time.

Making sure the right people see the right content

It’s very difficult to build a website that caters for everyone. After all, someone looking for a digital role will be interested in different things from someone looking for an underwriting one.

The website takes each piece of content, colleague profile, blog and job imported from the three ATS systems and tags it by subject, job family and location. This data is then used to dynamically populate the pages of the website. Matching jobs with blogs, blogs with content, content with profiles.

We’re really quite proud of what we’ve helped LV= GI to achieve. And the results speak for themselves.


Looking at 2022 website data in comparison to 2021, we can already see some exciting and encouraging engagement trends.

157% increase in visits (per month): 2021: 3,644 – 2022: 9,369

173% increase in visitors (per month): 2021: 2,133 – 2022: 5,820

57% increase in time spent on site: 2021: 144 secs – 2022: 226 secs

150% increase in number of pages viewed per session: 2021: 3.16 – 2022: 7.91

2% increase in views on mobile: 2021: 62% – 2022: 64%

Improved conversion rates

The conversion rates of the careers website are pretty impressive too.

26% of all visits result in a job search.

30% of all visits result in at least one job being viewed.

31% of all visits result in an application being started.

9% of all visits result in an application being completed.

29% of all applications started were completed.

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