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BrandPointZero helps organisations attract and retain great people, by being the creative communications force behind engaging, inclusive and sustainable employer brands

Everything we do is underpinned by Insight and strategy, and has the needs and motivations of your people at its heart. Because to connect with your people (and the people you want to attract), we need to understand what it is about your organisation or sector that makes them tick.

Maybe it’s the kind of work you do, or the way you bring out the best in your people. Maybe it’s  the opportunities you offer, or the value you place on collaboration, inclusion and wellbeing. Maybe it’s a bit of all these things – along with that hard-to-define feeling you get when you know you’re in a place where you belong.

Whatever the unique ingredients of your culture, we’ll uncover them – then bring them to life through employer brand comms that will connect with your people, attract the attention of brilliant new talent, and give your culture authentic and powerful foundations.

These are our three areas of focus:

We’re great listeners.

We’d love to hear more about where your organisation is heading,
and chat about how we can bring your culture to life to drive attraction, engagement and inclusion.