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Pointzerogroup home
Bristol based PointZeroGroup has acquired world leading employee experience agency Home.
22 May 2024
Why Start with EVP
Why start with EVP?
23 April 2024
BrandPointZero | Employer Brand Agency | How to make your EVP work harder
How to make your EVP work harder
6 March 2024
Bristol agency BrandPointZero to merge with That Little Agency to create larger full-service employer brand marketing agency
4 January 2024
4 day work week. pin calendar
Not ready for a 4-day week? There’s still plenty you can learn from the UK trial.
23 March 2023
How to help employees through the cost-of-living crisis
10 November 2022
Winning the Leading Light award at the 2022 SoMos
27 October 2022
How to communicate organisational change
Eight principles to follow when communicating organisational change
30 November 2021
Why watercooler serendipity mustn’t dry up
5 November 2021
Hybrid working: How to solve a problem like Monday (& Friday)
20 October 2021
What’s the first challenge of social mobility?
12 October 2021
Fitting in, or checking out?
28 September 2021
Hybrid working – Out of sight, out of mind?
9 September 2021
The three-part secret to great recruitment marketing
15 July 2021
Defining your EVP – the challenges and pitfalls to avoid
8 June 2021
Street art of hands clasping
Three foundations for any Diversity & Inclusion Strategy
20 May 2021
Employee engagement for line managers
12 April 2021
graphic to depict employer brand strategy
Three things to remember when developing an Employer Brand Strategy
29 March 2021
What should your 2021 employee engagement plan look like?
12 March 2021
What is an EVP and why does it matter?
24 February 2021
How to choose an employer brand agency
11 February 2021
image of boat
We’re gonna need a bigger boat…
4 January 2021
Employee Awards Event Logo VIVAs logo
Five things we learned from hosting an employee awards event during a global pandemic
7 December 2020
Image of people jumping
Let’s celebrate the unsung heroes of 2020
1 December 2020
Man at desk of staff Christmas party
How (not) to host a staff Christmas party on Zoom
24 November 2020
Image of Buzz and Woody Toy Story characters flying
To 2021 and beyond (part 1)
20 November 2020
Image of Star Wars' Yoda
Why mentoring matters
1 October 2020
Image of feet from above on road
What do we stand for?
20 July 2020
Illustration of employees at work depicted shown in someone's mind
Returning to work in the future of work
13 June 2020
Image of rulers and measuring tapes
Measuring campaign success – the subtle art of
11 May 2020
Image of sunrise over frosty countryside
Employee Engagement is so last year
22 April 2020
Runner at starting blocks
Off to a promising start…
24 January 2020
Image of hands in heart shape outlining sun in sunset
The power of love (in the form of a good review)
1 November 2019
Image of Deloitte Insights report cover
What 10 trends are we seeing in today’s world of work?
21 May 2019
Image of books, apple and ABC blocks
What I learnt at Changeboard Future Talent 2019
29 March 2019
Image of connected team high five
Ten steps to building a more connected and effective organisation
5 March 2019
Image of ECG
Keeping your finger on the pulse
13 February 2019
Image of LEGO heads
Every time I hear the phrase ‘employer branding’, a little piece of me dies…*
20 January 2019
Image of Deloitte insights report cover
Key themes from Deloitte’s 2018 Trends in Human Capital report
10 May 2018