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Creating and launching Hyundai’s EVP

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Hyundai offers genuinely exciting, purpose-filled career opportunities. Working for one of the world’s biggest automotive brands in their German HQ or one of their eleven European offices and two manufacturing plants should be a no-brainer for any ambitious talent. But their employee messaging hasn’t always kept up, and that’s why they asked for our help with their Employee Value Proposition

The challenge

EVPs that work across multiple markets are always a unique challenge. You need to find the universal truth at the heart of the employee experience, and give it flex and scope for local activation.

We were tasked with developing an EVP, creatively articulating it, and localising it across their European business, internally and externally. It was an exciting challenge, and our solution needed to work across diverse environments and cultures.

Our approach

Our approach was all about gathering first-hand people insights – understanding their employer brand personality and what makes it unique. As part of this process, we carried out extensive interviews with regional senior leaders, employee focus groups, competitor analysis, and an employee lifecycle communications audit.

The results were interesting – we identified the importance of recognising the difference in employee experience between the regions, and the need to allow for this in our final proposition.

Following our research, we developed Hyundai Motors Europe’s new EVP:

What moves you, drives us.

This proposition was easy to understand for employees across Europe, and captured Hyundai’s boundless ambition. This EVP was supported by pillars, a messaging framework, and a clearly defined tone of voice, which were all brought together in guidelines and toolkits for roll-out across Europe.

For launch, we brought the EVP to life across the whole employee experience with printed and digital collateral. Internally we launched an employee-generated content portal for employees to tell and show us what moves them, involving them straight away with the proposition.

This celebrated the diversity of people across different cultures and connected them through common themes, deploying user-generated content as a way to drive engagement during Covid-19.

Externally we curated the employee images to support Hyundai’s pillars to produce web content and a Social Media campaign. Their LinkedIn had previously mainly been used for product messaging, so this was a big step forward.


The EVP launched during covid so we anticipated a much lower engagement than we would expect. However:

Over 90% of regions participated in the ‘what moves you?’ initiative with over 100 well-constructed and thought through entries

During this period attrition fell hugely (80%) – although this may also be down to the pandemic

Applications for job vacancies have increased by 26%

Engagement on EVP LinkedIn stories have increased by 528%

Time to hire has fallen and under 10% of offers are now rejected- this was as high as 30%

Very extensive research, such a thorough process, thank you for your insights.

Jang Whan Lee, Head of People,
Hyundai Motor Europe

Well in line with our heritage and direction – nice authentic tonality

Hyundai Brand Team

‘What moves you, drives us’ is great because it resonates with employees and potential candidates alike. It’s really helped me to explain what we’re all about to people considering a career here.

Kate Saunders, Talent Acquisition Partner,
Hyundai Motor Europe


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