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Vision and values launch at Inspired Villages

Photo of a man on a tractor at Inspired Villages

Inspired Villages are on an exciting journey to become the best operator of retirement villages in the world. As a young company, they have ambitious growth plans. As they grow, they need to ensure that they can continue to attract and keep great people. Our brief was to launch their vision, mission and values, to creatively bring their Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to life, and to engage and galvanise their existing employees behind the brand so they can become true advocates.

Our approach

We launched their mission, vision and values through a series of roadshow events across their villages.

We created a simple concept which allowed us to communicate the various different messages of the EVP in a consistent and clear way. Being “in” became the organising idea.

The Senior Leadership team were on board to deliver key parts of the events and to help employees see the importance of our messaging.

Finally, we made sure that what we implemented was sustainable, so that once the roadshow was over our messages would continue to resonate.

Image of Inspired Villages roadshow pull up banner

Our solution

  • We created a suite of creative campaign content which all had the same look and feel. The simple, yet aspirational idea of being “in” enabled employees to feel excited about their roles and their future. This content included a mood film, event collateral, presentation content, e-cards (for recognition and thank yous), and we also launched a welcome pack for all existing employees.
  • On the day of each event, our Graphic Recording Artist illustrated what the values meant to the employees – this piece of artwork was subsequently used across a variety of platforms.
  • We created ‘The Little Book of Inspiration’ – a collection of examples celebrating how employees live the values. Rather than just telling employees what they actually are, the values were woven into first-hand employee stories.
Image of e-card with copy 'Today you inspired me'
Image of ecard with copy 'It's your Inspired anniversary'
Image of e-card with copy 'You're invaluable'

The results

First and foremost, following the roadshows, Inspired Villages entered the TT100 best companies survey (as a trial run). Results showed that they would have ranked 55th and gained a 2* accreditation. A result we’re hoping to beat when we enter officially in 2020.

There has also been an uplift in other employee engagement results (comparing results 6 months prior to roadshows with same period afterwards):


More recognition cards sent


engagement based awards given

14% increase

active users on engagement hub

2.7x more visitors to the wellbeing pages on Inspired World