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One Europe-wide vision for tech titans

team blue

How can you make a disparate group of owner-managed tech businesses feel and operate like one organisation?

That was the challenge set for us by, a pan-European, high-growth tech business that owns a portfolio of 30+ hosting and domain brands across 16 European countries.

And once we’d engaged their 2,000 strong workforce, how could we help them attract and retain top talent, right across Europe?

The challenge

The brief was one of the most challenging we’ve ever worked on – taking diverse and disparate brands across a huge geographical area and bringing them together under one cultural umbrella whilst retaining the unique spark and entrepreneurial spirit of each individual business.

To make this happen, we needed to really get under the skin of how the business operated – the culture, the energy, and how they work together as one team.

Our approach

The business needed one brand framework to bring the whole organisation together – a north star that they could all follow.

So we ran workshops, interviews, and focus groups to discover the common ground between the various enterprises, before coming up with an overarching vision, mission and values.

Our priority was to embrace the beauty of the diversity, while finding a message every person could connect with.

The company launched its new vision at their inaugural Ambassador Conference in Barcelona.

We managed the content and agenda for the two-day event, which included a launch film, keynote addresses from the company president and CEO, carousel sessions around their future strategy and a detailed people-based session.

We also took a photographer, videographer, and artist to help us capture the spirit of the day. This meant got a memento of the day in the format of a three-minute film and a huge piece of street art which captured the key take outs from each of the carousel sessions.

Future plans include a whole company roll out, employer brand development – including a careers website – and a company-wide employee engagement strategy.

The results

The new brand purpose received 100% approval at managers launch event in Barcelona

83% of leaders said they were more energised to get behind the one team blue brand after the event

Following the company wide launch in May 2022, attrition has fallen by 23% year on year and employee engagement scores have positively jumped 18% year on year.

The company are delighted with the work and the chairman has said ‘BrandPointZero took the time to understand the intricacies of our organisation and the purpose, mission, vision and values were really well researched and articulated clearly and creatively. The time and effort the team put in to the launch in Barcelona was outstanding and everyone had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the event’.

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