Let’s start with the easy bit – EVP stands for Employee Value Proposition. And just like its consumer cousin, it’s about what your customers (aka employees) get in return for buying into something – in this case workplace happiness and future career prospects.

We’ve seen EVPs called lots of things over the years – the important thing is that it honestly reflects your organisation and what makes it a unique and special place to work.

Creating a successful proposition is a challenge, but it’s absolutely worth the effort. At a time when many employees are working remotely, your purpose/culture should be more important than ever. Your ‘how’ and ‘why’ become the glue that attracts people to your organisation and makes them stick around.

Your EVP matters. But to deliver value, it needs to be used. Too often we see beautifully crafted EVP research documents and employer brand handbooks sitting on a shelf gathering dust.

Defining your people proposition is the first and most important step. Applying it consistently across your whole employee experience is the next. And that’s before we start talking about measurement, but that’s for another day. You can see here how we defined Hyundai’s EVP and then how we brought it to life.

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