So, you’re the lucky person developing your organisation’s employer brand strategy? Congratulations! It’s great to know that your employers deemed this a strategic priority…that’s half the battle won!

But where do you start? It can all feel quite daunting. Here are three things you might want to think about when developing your employer brand strategy…

1. It’s an employer brand, not a new brand

It might be easier to refer to it as ‘managing your employer reputation’. Because your employer ‘brand’ already exists. It’s simply another facet of your company’s brand; viewed through a different lens. It’s about how it’s perceived by a different audience – instead of your customers, it’s your employees, who have their own specific needs, behaviours and motivations.

2. Employer brand is a team effort

Chances are you’re an HR or Resourcing professional, but this is a strategy which will impact your whole organisation, so it’s important to involve senior leaders across Brand, Marketing and Comms too. Getting them onboard early helps to increase engagement with the project and foster a sense of ownership too. And it can pay dividends further down the line when you’re looking to work with these teams on the roll out.

3. Good things come to those who wait

We all want to see the impact our work’s making. And ideally, we want to see it ASAP. But the reality is that you won’t see results straight away. Undoubtedly, doing this right will make a difference to your bottom line. But you’ll need to be realistic about your short-term objectives and timescales. You’ll need to invest in it and give it a good year or two before you can really start reaping significant rewards – and basking in the glory of your success.

Of course, working with a wise, creative, experienced (and ever-so modest) agency partner can also help with all sorts of employer brand strategy work! Get in touch here.