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Poppulo: Launching an internal communications channel

With email and intranet engagement lower than our client wanted, Legal and General (L&G) in Birmingham – who’d recently been welcomed into the LV=GI business – asked us to help them launch Poppulo, an employee communication platform. The aim was to make company news and updates more engaging, but the brief wasn’t without its challenges – we needed to get employees to download the app, sometimes onto their personal phone, and give them compelling reasons to use it.

Our approach

We set a download target and ran a six-week competition with a ‘mega-prize’ for one winner at 500 downloads. But that was only half the story – once their employees had downloaded the app, they needed a reason to return.


Our answer was simple – creative, eye catching, informative comms that would cut through the noise and be worth coming back for. This included weekly newsletters, handy user guides and a fun ‘App-o-meter’ that tracked downloads, as well as non-corporate stuff around half-term hacks and wellbeing. We also created a short film that highlighted the benefits of Poppulo – the tone was fun and playful, with no corporate jargon, and we even enlisted a local celebrity for the voiceover.

To increase talkability, we kept our voice artist’s identity secret and we ran a guess-the-voiceover competition with daily clues and a prize up for grabs. Watch the film and guess our artist! Here’s a clue: She’s worked alongside one of Britain’s best-known comedy duos…

The results

By the end of the six-week campaign, we achieved a 52% download of the app, which exceeded our ambitious target by 2%. L&G now has an engaged audience on the Poppulo platform and a tried and tested approach for delivering content that strikes the right balance between company news and people centric features.

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