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LV= Careers website

Image of Bournemouth Pier from LV= GI website

LV= sold part of its General Insurance business in 2019, and completed the sale in early 2020 – hence creating two organisations trading under the same brand.

Our brief was to create a careers website – that would be powered by two individual ATS systems – whilst operating under one brand and one URL  Where possible, we had to create identical candidate UX, whilst clearly identifying the employer organisation.

We knew from the outset that our approach wouldn’t be permanent as both organisations were evolving at pace.

Our approach

Both businesses still had to operate under the same careers website and umbrella URL, so we had to make the user experience as intuitive as possible, despite the complex organisational infrastructure.

It became apparent that whilst they shared the brand, there was only one major location that was shared, Bournemouth.

We devised the UX and subsequent employing company around the preferred location of the candidate. If they chose Bournemouth we went on to explain the differences between the organisations.

Image of phone with LV= GI careers page on it

Our solution

  • We carried out UX work to signpost the way through the site for each organisation, primarily based on location.
  • We re-wrote and re-designed the content at each step in the journey, in line with the new Employee Value Proposition (EVP) for each organisation. Read more about that content here.
  • We’ve carried out an audit to optimise the Google Analytics and improve reporting capabilities.
  • We ensured three different Applicant Tracking Systems were seamlessly integrated.

The results

The project really made a difference to candidates trying to navigate the site. We compared April 2019 with April 2020 and found:


Candidate web browsing time


Number of pages viewed


Decrease in bounce rate