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Mood film for Inspired Villages

Image of older couple with man using VR headset

Inspired Villages are leading luxury retirement village operators in the UK. To launch their mission and values, they asked us to create a mood film – one that would bring goosebumps to employees, make them feel proud to work for Inspired Villages and excited by their future careers. And one which would help attract more great people to join them.

This film was to be shown at their Roadshow events and needed to set the aspirational tone for the day.

Our approach

We researched the type of messaging that would resonate with the employees – understanding that the interaction with residents is what makes the job so special was key to creating the mood film.

Our approach was to tell a story that would capture hearts and minds but that also showed the essence of what it’s like to work at Inspired Villages. It was all about emotionally engaging viewers and bringing the employment proposition to life.    

Image of interviewee being filmed
Image of lady at window looking at forest

Our solution

We created a film with a clear narrative and final call to action. It built throughout, supported by a rousing soundtrack and aspirational imagery. We created a sense of wonder by showing imagery such as doors opening, curtains being drawn back and future possibilities. And most importantly we showed the many and varying interactions between employees and residents.

This film was subsequently also publicised through the welcome box – sent to all new starters as part of their onboarding process.

The results

When the film was played at each roadshow, there was applause and visible signs of emotion. Employees all said they did indeed feel goosebumps and were very proud to work for the company.

The film was uploaded onto YouTube much later (to support new starter onboarding), and in the three first months of 2020 had over 200 views – not bad for a company with only 250 employees!

Following the roadshows, Inspired Villages entered the TT100 best companies survey (as a trial run). Results showed that they would have ranked 55th and gained a 2* accreditation. A result we’re hoping to beat when we enter officially in 2020.

There has also been an uplift in other employee engagement results (comparing results 6 months prior to roadshows with same period afterwards):


More recognition cards sent


engagement based awards given

14% increase

active users on engagement hub