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Hyundai: Bringing their employee proposition to life

Image of Hyundai car and people packing music equipment in

Hyundai Motors Europe support eleven regional offices and two manufacturing plants. We conducted a major piece of research to understand their employee’s motivations and defined their Employee Value Proposition (EVP). The next stage was to enable their teams to bring this to life creatively.

Image of Tone of Voice writing guide for Hyundai

Our approach

Hyundai operate over multiple regions, languages and businesses, so bringing their employee proposition to life had to be easy to implement for a variety of people. Therefore, we needed to create clear user guidelines with practical examples, so that anyone at Hyundai can pick up and translate to their region or part of the business.

Our solution

We created practical guidelines to explain how to apply the EVP through Visual Identity and Tone of Voice.

Our Visual Identity represented a change for Hyundai whose existing design style was very product-led. This meant that we were able to push the boundaries creatively. Our style was employee-led, putting their motivations and their images (‘What moves them’), at the heart of our design. Our Tone of Voice guidelines showed how language should be used, and referred back to the principles of the EVP.

Alongside our strategic work we also delivered a number of tactical projects, such as aligning the careers website with the new proposition and updating their Glassdoor approach.

Inside spread of the Hyundai EVP document
Rules from Tone of Voice document about how to write for Hyundai
Image of Hyundai EVP rollout collateral

The results

The result was a style and tone which reflected the people of their organisation, and allowed recruiters and hiring managers to show, not just tell, potential candidates why they should consider a career at HME.

This is well in line with our heritage and direction, and has a nice authentic tonality.