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Building an inclusive employer brand

Historic England_Recruitment Social Assets_Inclusive Employer Brand Creative

Historic England helps people care for, enjoy and celebrate England’s spectacular historic environment. We were engaged to help the organisation articulate its employer brand messages and position itself as an inclusive employer.

Historic England’s Inclusivity, Diversity and Equality Strategy 2020-2023 has a clear People Aim:


Make sure that our people better reflect the demographics of the communities in which we work,
enabling us to benefit from a diverse range of perspectives and recruit from the widest pool of talent.

Our brief is about attracting more applications from under-represented demographics for heritage roles. To increase engagement with these audiences, we need to change how Historic England is perceived as an employer. Their current employee base is not diverse enough in terms of ethnicity or age, and they recognise that this needs to change moving forward. Although there genuinely are opportunities available for people from all backgrounds and all walks of life – there is very little awareness that these exist.

Our Approach

Our first job was to articulate Historic England’s people promise and proposition, which came from its existing values and behaviours: Actively seeking new perspectives. This was a clear statement of intent, explaining that Historic England is keen to hear from candidates with open and curious minds, whatever their lived experiences are.

We used this narrative to build a creative concept ‘A place for everyone’. Based on this concept, we developed a suite of marketing and communications materials featuring ‘potential employees’ – people of different ages and ethnicities, asking questions about their careers, which Historic England would be able to answer. Through the creative, we also highlighted how everyone has emotional connections to historical places and spaces, showing the relevance of the work Historic England does to all – something which isn’t immediately obvious to most.

Historic England inclusive employer brand linked in post with creative developed by BrandPointZero



We developed a brand positioning film, social media adverts, content for their careers website and event collateral for young audiences – all assets that demonstrate what’s unique about Historic England, and help appeal to a wider audience.

At the same time, we provided recommendations on channels and formats we could use to reach and engage with a more diverse talent pool.

phone banner for Historic England inclusive employer brand

The results

The campaign has only just gone live (July 2022) and we’re very excited to see the results over the coming months.

You can visit their updated careers pages at We’ll keep you posted!

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