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Employee Value Proposition development for Hyundai

Image of parachuters packing away into Hyundai car

We were approached to help Hyundai develop their Employee Value Proposition (EVP) ensuring the solution was fit for purpose across multiple geographies.

Hyundai Motors Europe are responsible for supporting eleven regional offices and two manufacturing plants. They offer exciting career opportunities, but their employer messaging hasn’t always reflected this. 

Our approach

Our approach to defining the Employee Value Proposition was all about the people – we immersed ourselves in the world of Hyundai to understand their employer brand personality and its characteristics. It was important to us to know first-hand why working at Hyundai is unique. Check out our case study here on the research project we carried out.

From this research we were able to define the EVP:

Visual representation of the Hyundai EVP 'What moves you' drives us'

Our solution

We delivered a comprehensive document that showed how we came to the final proposition. This insight-led document included proof points from Hyundai employees showing why our proposition is at the heart of what they do.

We also reviewed their existing pillars and updated them to bring them in line with our research. Finally, we illustrated what each of these pillars meant by creating a sample narrative and messaging framework.

Image of the front cover of the Hyundai EVP document
Inside Spread of the Hyundai EVP

The results

Hyundai now has a clear proposition for their employees and engagement scores are up since its rollout.

But that’s just the start – the next stage was to bring this to life, so that it can be sustained and embedded in the culture. To kick this off, we created tangible guidelines so that all areas of the business can easily articulate what it means to work at Hyundai.

This is well in line with our heritage and direction, and has a nice authentic tonality.