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Bookmark: The ABC of campaign optimisation

Bookmark is a reading charity whose mission is to improve the literacy rate for primary school children, and in turn, improve their life chances.

Our brief was to raise awareness of Bookmark as a charity and to attract volunteers quickly so that they could be trained in time for the start of the school year. We needed to hit the ground running and make the most of their very limited budget.

Our approach

We worked with the team at Bookmark to identify three key target audiences: Students and early grads, Part-time working parents and Retirees.

Our paid social campaign matched up our audiences to the media they were likely to consume, and the type of content they would respond to. As it ran, we optimised our campaign to make the most of Bookmark’s limited media budget.

To further help Bookmark to keep their costs down, we used their pre-existing photography as the basis for our creative treatment.

Our solution

We delivered a fully optimised campaign by:

  • testing multiple creative approaches on different channels.
  • learning what performed best and re-targeted the budget accordingly.
  • retargeting those that had shown interest in our adverts but hadn’t clicked through.

In terms of our creative, we put our audiences in the shoes of the children for whom reading doesn’t come easily, which allowed us to create empathy.

The results

Our dynamic approach meant that that over only three weeks, we were able to drive over 2,000
 new users to the Bookmark website, achieve a Click Through Rate of 12% and generate nearly 400 new volunteer expressions of interest.


New users


Click Through Rate


Interested volunteers